Mama Ngina Kenyatta, the former First Lady of Kenya, has strongly defended herself against recent allegations of tax evasion. Speaking at a church in Lamu County, Mama Ngina stated that she is willing to have her property auctioned if evidence of tax evasion is produced by the government. She emphasized that every employed Kenyan is required to pay income tax, regardless of their job, and she is no exception to this rule. Although she did not name names, Mama Ngina criticized the Kenya Kwanza administration for not focusing on more pressing issues faced by the country.

The former First Lady’s comments come after recent reports suggesting that the Kenyatta family may be the next target of President William Ruto’s push to ensure all citizens pay taxes. This prompted Kenya Kwanza senators to call for an investigation into the tax exemptions enjoyed by the Kenyatta family during former President Uhuru’s term, as well as an audit of his wealth to determine if land rates were paid appropriately.

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