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Are you looking to develop your owner occupier home or a residential estate?, then at Prittworld Properties & Mortgages Limited, you are at HOME.

Owner Occupier Home
(Nyumba Smart)

This is a product which targets those willing to buy a plot and develop a residential home for own living. It is a TURNKEY Product to those willing to develop their dream homes.

We provide the following services:


Design the house to the taste and preference of the customer;

Bills of Quantities

The designed house is then aligned to the customer’s budget;
If the customer does not have the full budget, we arrange for the financing gap from the banks which we have a relationship with;

Construction Management

We manage the construction process to completion in accordance to the specifications contained in the Bills of Quantities and the drawings;

2) Affordable Housing Project (AHP)

The product targets developers such as Saccos which have vast lands for affordable housing development.
Under this product, we provide the following Project management process

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