Wealth & Investment Management Academy (WEIM Academy)

Investment knowledge for financial prosperity



To provide world class professional education and Service Solutions to empower investor to be successful trader for life-long wealth creation

To inspire a paradigm shift in our business culture by instilling a culture of financial and investment knowledge to the investors and entrepreneurs aimed at enhancing productivity, profitability and market share.

Delivering values-aligned financial advice to improve people’s lives.

Managing investments that have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Effecting change in the financial services industry to create and serve a more diverse and equitable profession and client base.
Core Values

Topics Covered

Topics Contents
Basic Principles of Accounting
  • Basic accounting;
  • Taxation
  • Book-keeping;
  • Business entity;
  • Product definition/product engineering/product lifecycle;
  • Financial Planning;
  • Business Statutory Compliance
Business risks & mitigations
  • Business risks;
  • Classification of risks;
  • Business risk diversification;
  • Risk/Return trade-off (Frontier line);
  • Insurance
  • Claim processing on insurance;
Investments & Investment Options
  • Investment options for business diversification;
  • Alternative investment options;
  • Business financing;
  • Business loans & requirements;
Marketing in business
  • Marketing techniques for business;
  • Online marketing & its effectiveness in business;

Why you need to enroll at WEIM Academy

Our Value Proposition

Serve Others –We put the needs of our clients, the team, and our community above our individual desires.

Bring Genius- We spend our time doing what we are best at and love most

Listen Deeply & Speak with Care- We come to each conversation with an open mind rather than having the “right answer.” We tell the whole truth to ourselves, our clients, and each other

Enjoy- We believe that our time with WEIM Academy should be the best years of (y) our life.

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